Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge

Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge

Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge and Metro station ‘Leninskie Gory’ (now - Vorobyovy Gory) were opened in 1959.

It was a unique project that was unprecedented worldwide, although several technical errors were made during the bridge’s construction which led to it being closed in 1987. Moscow underground trains travelled along dedicated side tracks for almost 15 years while the station was closed. Only in 2002, after the works, the station started to operate again.

Vorobyovy Gory station is now the longest station on Moscow Metro (234 m) and the only station of its kind. A splendid view opens up from the pedestrian side of the bridge and the station’s vestibule onto the Moscow River and Vorobyovy Gory and themed exhibitions are held at the station.

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