The restored Groky park greenhouse continues the great traditions, established in the XVIII century, when the famous Moscow industrialist Procopius Demidov built the first stone greenhouse with exotic plants brought from different climatic zones. This used to be a unique space, where greenhouse specialists grew pineapples, strawberries, grapes and other rarae fruit and berries for the Moscow public.

Today we are witnessing a revival of the old greenhouse complex. After restoration, that included rebuilding a 1 000 glass space and installing modern automatic equpment with automatic irrigation and lighting systems, the new Greenhouses are fully functional. The eco-friendly Greenhouses is now growing a variety of lettuce and spices: salad «Afitsion», salad «Lolo Rosso», oakleaf lettuce, salad, «Batavia» frillis, basil, lemon balm, thyme.

Future plans include developing a garden rental program for the people and organazing workshops.

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