From 8th to 10th September, Gorky Park will be presenting its «Pop-up park» art project in Austria's capital

The landscape, mood, art and music of Gorky Park have been carefully packed together into art boxes to be transported to another space. Contemporary interactive objects will be popping up in one of Vienna’s main squares, Michaelerplatz, creating something of a casual and natural show ground.

«Pieces» of Gorky Park are now going to be springing up in Vienna

Every box not only has a thematic conceptual design, but also serves a special purpose. A green lawn covering an area of 30-40 m2 is seemingly poured out of the first art box.

The lawn area will be used for yoga sessions, DJ sets and chill-out zones. The never-ending birch grove is to be found in the second box — an installation from artist Shamsudin Kerimov, dedicated to Russian nature. The third art box is fully devoted to Gorky Park and its visitors, containing an art exhibit and an interactive ‘Look at Moscow’ installation. The fourth art box owes itself to the Gorky Park project ‘Park Portrait’. It comprises clear wire sculptures, created together with the Lavrenty Bruni drawing artists club. Artists drew portraits of the Park’s visitors ‘in a single line’, and then the drawings were transformed into wire sculptures, shaped by the young talented sculptor Dmitry Astafiev. Throughout the day during the open exposition, an Austrian artist will be drawing sketches of passers-by on the white walls of this art box. The portraits of Vienna’s city dwellers will then be ‘coming’ to Moscow after the event.

The site will be opened on 8th September by Gorky Park’s director, Olga Zakharova, members of Vienna’s Tourist Board and an official Moscow delegation.

After the official programme, there will be the chance to listen to a DJ performance, learn the latest news about Moscow Gorky Park from the Gorky Park Life newspaper, try out some yoga and play some Russian folk games. On 9th and 10th September at 11:00 and 16:00, yoga practice will be taking place (please don’t forget a change of clothing), the game of gorodki will be starting at 12:30 and 17:00. Throughout the day, an artist in the ‘City Portrait’ booth will be drawing portraits of all those interested, and in the evening from 18:00 to 22:00, the DJ set will be setting the mood on the square.