Fresh air, gentle breeze by the fountains in Gorky Park

You will definitely find the best place to cool off in the summer heat – we recommend you to take a rest by numerous fountains in Gorky Park. Some of them are decorated with sculptures, others can sing and dance, others are «dry». Which one would you prefer?


Central Alley Fountain

Central Alley Fountain, built almost 90 years ago, is regarded as the main fountain in the park. The legendary sculpture of Ivan Shadr, ‘Devushka s Veslom’ (lit. Girl with an Oar) was mounted upon it. Initially, the fountain was nearer Krymsky Val street, but after renovation in 1955 it was moved to the centre of the park parterre. By Olympics 1980 light and music fountain shows had been launched. It ‘sings’ and ‘dances’ five times a day in summer: 12:00–12:25, 15:00–15:25, 18:00–18:25, 20:30–20:55; and between 22:30 and 22:55 musical performance is accompanied by a light show.

Rosarium fountain

Rosarium fountain is located next to Pushkinskaya Embankment and Andreevsky bridge. In 1935 architects Alexander Vlasov and Mikhail Korzhev wanted to create there a «museum» of roses from all over the world. Original majolica fountain became the center of the composition, but, unfortunately, it did not survive following the Great Patriotic War. New Roman-style fountain appeared here in the 1950s.

The oldest fountain in the park

The Сascade fountain is one of the symbols of Neskuchny Garden. It was built together with the Summer House and Bathhouse in the early 19th century. This fountain is adorned with the "Swimmer" sculpture ("Kupalschitsa") by Romuald Iodko. Cascade Fountain is one of the most spectacular fountains. Water flows down the steps framed by granite stairs, flows down the grotto and then goes into a small pool.

The most sporty fountain

The fountain composition center is the "Girl on the boom "sculpture. It belongs in a series of sports works by famous sculptor Elena Janson-Manizer. Initially the girl was a miniature like many other works within the series. But in the 1930s some of the works were enlarged and installed in parks throughout the USSR.

The most poetic fountain

The fountain "Girl with a water pitcher" is located next to the park entrance by the Andreevsky Bridge. An elegant figure of a half-naked girl is created according to the ancient Greek canons of beauty. This artificial spring was not functioning for a long time and was restored only in 1998.

Dry fountain in Muzeon

The fountain was called dry because it does not have a bowl of water like the classic ones. Waterjets hit from the ground, rising to different heights. Dynamic lighting turns on at night and the water shimmers with different colors. Surroundings create a special atmosphere: theNew Tretyakov Gallery building, the Moskva River and the Peter the Great Statue.