The closure of Andreevskaya embankment

Works on the improvement of the embankment under the program “My street” will be finished by autumn.

On the Andreevskaya embankment the preparatory work for the improvements, taken under the program “My street”, has started. By the autumn it will become a part of the single walking area of Moscow, which will include 11 more embankments.

The upper and lower parts of the Andreevskaya embankment, both for transport and pedestrians, will be closed.

Temporary restrictions for travel will be arranged only from the street of Sergey Kapitsa to the Novoandreevsky bridge, in a small spot with one-way traffic on both lanes. The traffic will be alternately blocked on one of the lanes.

When the repairing works will be completed, the “My Street’ improvements will take place. The embankment will become much more comfortable for visitors, the asphalt on the road will be replaced and the pavement area will be increased. There will be new lawns and young trees: aspens, lindens and ash trees.

For active citizens there will be arranged bike lanes, which can be used for skiing in winter. Next to the water new observation spots will be located: balconies with the view on the river and the city.

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