Tubbing chute at MUZEON park of arts

21 December – 2 March

The chute is back this winter!

MUZEON park of arts together with «Rosa Khutor» resort open tubbing chute. 

Tubbing chute is a winter entertainment, loved both by children and adults who rude on soft tubes  - round inflatable pillows of various sizes. Here they can be rented. 

This season the chute is supported by «Rosa Khutor». Visitors may get a great prize. Share in your Instagram profile a photo with you riding on the chute together with your family, support your post with hashtags #тюбингсрозахутор #музеон, link on the photo an official account of MUZEON @muzeon and resort @rosakhutor. 
Author of the best picture will get a week ski-pass on «Rosa Khutor» resort and will be able to ride with your loved ones in the mountains!
Winners will be announced in MUZEON instagram account on March 5.

Working regime: 

Daily from 10:00 to 22:00, except Mondays (Service day)
Attention! The chute is open only at below-freezing temperatures.


Rental price on weekdays:
Big Tub (for 13 years, adults and children) - 150 RUB / 30 min, 200 RUB / 60 min.
Small Tub (for children 3-13 years old) - 100 RUB / 30 min, 150 RUB / 60 min.

Rental price on weekends and holidays:
Big Tub (adults and children from 13 years) - 200 RUB / 30 min, 300 RUB / 60 min.
Small Tub (for children 3-13 years old) - 150 RUB / 30 min, 200 RUB / 60 min.

Entrance to the hill with your own tube - 50 RUB / 30 min., 100 RUB / 60 min.

21 December – 2 March

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