Photo exhibition «The world in our eyes. Naive art and the art of special people»

5 August – 19 August


Exhibition is available on the alley of Spring close to GARAGE museum of contemporary art.

"Real art is there you hardly expect to find it… Art hates to be recognized and hailed by name», - these are the words of the French painter Jean Dubuffet from his introduction for the catalogue of the first «art-brut»exhibition (literally «raw art»), which can be an epigraph of our exhibition. The artist`s work, created in the world, beyond the traditional context, usually is disregarded.

Naïve and outsider artists marked by the particular vision on the world – fresh, spontaneous and because of this, unique. On one hand naïve art is mysterious, it is able to affect the human feelings directly.

Today the work of Russian naive artists, such as Aleksandr Lobanov, Pavel Leonov, Katerina Medvedeva, Alevtina Pyzhova, etc. became very relevant; their exhibitions take place in Russia, as well as abroad. Their works are included in corporative and private collections of the biggest organizations and businessmen-patrons of art.

In the exhibition «The world in our eyes. Naive art and the art of special people» the works of the Russian self-taught artists from Bogemskaia — Turchin Collection, which had reached  world recognition, are put together with the works of artists from the art-studio «Perspektivy», who live in a psycho-neurological hospital, № 3 in Petergof.

The purpose of this comparison is to show that in getting the possibility to take its place in the contemporary cultural world, these artists are included into current public and cultural processes.

Organized by: Vladimir Smirnov Foundation

Participants: Art-studio « Perspektivy» and Bogemskaia — Turchin Collection of naive and outsider art

Dates of realization: 5.08.2016 – 19.08.2016


5 August – 19 August

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