“The Story of One Bench” in Gorky Park

For the first time in Russia, Gorky Park offers its visitors to become part of its history and is launching “The Story of One Bench” project.


We’re welcoming the visitors to share their small stories and get them engraved on a small plate to be installed on one of the benches in the Park. Essentially, you are getting your own name on the bench of choice, plus a certificate. We will make the plate and set it up for you. 

Everyone has their favourite spot in the city, be it the childhood courtyard, swings in the kindergarten, a sports ground, or, perhaps, that bench in that park where you hung out with friends, sat down with your first love or made some important decisions. We believe that even the small moments matter and invite you to share your memories and get them imprinted in the history of the Park. Bench is just a symbol of something big and important that once happened. What could be better than filling the park with those amazing moments?

In New York, London, Paris and Toronto, and many other cities big and small the tradition of personified benches is very popular. They can be dedicated to a person or an important date and always carry a touching memory with them. 

A bench with a story can also be a nice surprise for your loved ones, a birthday present, or a gift for a special occasion. You can choose to personalise your bench for one or three years. 

How to get your bench?

First fill in the form and email it to us
Then, choose a spot for your bench. It can be in the Parter area of Gorky Park or in Neskuchny Garden. Our representative will get in touch with you upon receiving your application, and give you the details on the project (the available area for placing the bench is limited). When everything is finalised, you will be issued a certificate with your name or the name of the person who you want to give the bench to. 
Pricing: 15,000 roubles for one year, or 40,000 for 3 years. 
The price includes: the certificate with the owner’s name, making and installing the plate, year-long service, bench and plate replacement in case of damage. The plate can be produced within 14 days from the application. Once it’s ready, we can confirm the installation date. 
The areas available for placing named benches is shown on the maps below:
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at  +7 (495) 995−00−20 ext. 2016. Please, only use this number for the bench project-related inquiries only. All other questions should be emailed to

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